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Grow Up

11.11.17 – 12.18.17 What if every day you woke up with amazing out-of-the-box faith. You had the power to overcome all the obstacles that life threw at you…you could resist any temptation with ease and had a contentment that made the world ask “What’s wrong with you?”. That’s what God wants for all of us…Big…


08/26/17 – 09/23/17 We have all been “Stuck”…when we feel like we are in a situation that has no solution. What do you do when there is no way out? What do you do when there is no way forward? You pray but it’s as if God doesn’t hear you. You feel alone. You feel…

No Drama

08/12/17 Some people just seem to attract drama, but if you’re like me you want to avoid drama if at all possible. Having a life with no drama can be difficult to figure out, but there are ways to make it happen. It’s important to understand that all of your life is connected. Seeing our…


04/22/17 – 06/03/17 When someone’s life crashes into the rocks and becomes a Shipwreck it can be quite a sight to behold. It might be fun to watch when it happens to the other guy, but the truth is …we’ve all had a Shipwreck or two of our own. There’s an interesting thing about Shipwrecks…

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