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About Us

We want to make a powerful difference in your life.
Our primary focus is to bring you into a real relationship with Jesus Christ.
We don't focus on your past, but on your future with Christ.

We build that future on the character and Word of God and look forward to becoming who we were created to be. Wherever you are in life, God has a plan and a purpose for you. Join us and let’s take that journey together! Our teaching and preaching is Bible based and Christ centered. We are Evangelical in our outreach and in our approach to ministry. We exist to reach the city and its people with the truth of God’s word… so come as you are, leave better!


We Believe that

God is

the CREATOR and RULER of all things and that He has existed eternally as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus is

the Son of God who lived a sinless life and died on the cross as payment for the sins of mankind.

He rose

from the dead and ascended to Heaven and will return again to judge the Earth and reign as King.

The Holy Spirit

empowers us to live our lives for Christ, understanding the truth of God’s Word and following Jesus daily with changed hearts and minds.

The Bible

is the true, inspired and inerrant word of God that declares His design and plan for all of us.

We are made

in God’s image, but have been broken and tainted by sin that separates us from God and causes problems in our lives.

Salvation from sin

cannot be fixed by “being good,” but is a gift to us from God when we surrender fully to Him and accept Jesus as the payment for our sins.

Heaven and Hell

are real and forever. All of us will live forever, it’s just a question of where: eternity with God or eternally separated from Him.

Water baptism

is a public declaration of our new life in Christ and is symbolic of His death and resurrection. It is a command of scripture and follows the example of Jesus.


is a symbolic remembrance of Christ’s suffering and death for our freedom from sin.

What to Expect

Northwoods is not what you’d expect when you hear “church.” Come in, relax, and let the God of the universe speak to you. See you Saturday night!

The Environment

When you walk in you will find a coffee house-type setting with tables and chairs: No pews – No pulpit. People dress casual, so does the pastor.

The Service

The service opens with a little bit of comedy, then moves into worship music and then a powerful message from the Bible and how you can apply it to your life today.

The Message

Each Saturday night sermon comes with a study sheet outlining the main points of that night’s message, including Bible verses for future reference.

Sermon Series

Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder  :: Too many of us are living lives devoid of power. We want things to change, to be different…to be better. As followers of Christ we want to see God move in our lives and we pray that He will do something great for us.  … View Series.

View Master

View Master  :: People see the world differently…that’s just how it is.  We have different views and we think our view is the right one. … View Series.

2016 Year in Review

2016 Year in Review  :: 2016 was our Year of Living by Design. We spent the year talking about how we can live our lives on purpose according to God’s design for us and for the world around us…. View Series.

Sermon Archive 

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Northwoods Assembly
926 U.S. Highway 45 South
Eagle River, WI 54521


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