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About Us

We want to make a powerful difference in your life.
Our primary focus is to bring you into a real relationship with Jesus Christ.
We don't focus on your past, but on your future with Christ.

We build that future on the character and Word of God and look forward to becoming who we were created to be. Wherever you are in life, God has a plan and a purpose for you. Join us and let’s take that journey together! Our teaching and preaching is Bible based and Christ centered. We are Evangelical in our outreach and in our approach to ministry. We exist to reach the city and its people with the truth of God’s word… so come as you are, leave better!


We Believe that

God is

the CREATOR and RULER of all things and that He has existed eternally as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus is

the Son of God who lived a sinless life and died on the cross as payment for the sins of mankind.

He rose

from the dead and ascended to Heaven and will return again to judge the Earth and reign as King.

The Holy Spirit

empowers us to live our lives for Christ, understanding the truth of God’s Word and following Jesus daily with changed hearts and minds.

The Bible

is the true, inspired and inerrant word of God that declares His design and plan for all of us.

We are made

in God’s image, but have been broken and tainted by sin that separates us from God and causes problems in our lives.

Salvation from sin

cannot be fixed by “being good,” but is a gift to us from God when we surrender fully to Him and accept Jesus as the payment for our sins.

Heaven and Hell

are real and forever. All of us will live forever, it’s just a question of where: eternity with God or eternally separated from Him.

Water baptism

is a public declaration of our new life in Christ and is symbolic of His death and resurrection. It is a command of scripture and follows the example of Jesus.


is a symbolic remembrance of Christ’s suffering and death for our freedom from sin.

What to Expect

Northwoods is not what you’d expect when you hear “church.” Come in, relax, and let the God of the universe speak to you. See you Saturday night!

The Environment

When you walk in you will find a coffee house-type setting with tables and chairs: No pews – No pulpit. People dress casual, so does the pastor.

The Service

The service opens with a little bit of comedy, then moves into worship music and then a powerful message from the Bible and how you can apply it to your life today.

The Message

Each Saturday night sermon comes with a study sheet outlining the main points of that night’s message, including Bible verses for future reference.

Sermon Archive
YouTube Channel

Please visit our YouTube channel for all sermons and Bible studies: Northwoods Assembly YouTube Channel

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02.24.18 – 03.24.18 Our life is made up of decisions. All of our choices take us places. Life is a road trip of our decisions.

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Road Trip

01.13.18 – 02.10.18 God has more for us than what we see in front of us. He wants us to grow, to see and understand

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Grow Up

11.11.17 – 12.18.17 What if every day you woke up with amazing out-of-the-box faith. You had the power to overcome all the obstacles that life

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So You’re Dead, Now What?

10.07.17 – 11.04.17 You can’t escape it. No one can. We will all face it one day. Death. It’s not something we like to talk

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08/26/17 – 09/23/17 We have all been “Stuck”…when we feel like we are in a situation that has no solution. What do you do when

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No Drama

08/12/17 Some people just seem to attract drama, but if you’re like me you want to avoid drama if at all possible. Having a life

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The Cure

06/24/17 – 08/05/17 No audio available for Part 1 Sermon Notes

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04/22/17 – 06/03/17 When someone’s life crashes into the rocks and becomes a Shipwreck it can be quite a sight to behold. It might be

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Blood and Thunder

03/04/17 – 03/25/17 Too many of us are living lives devoid of power. We want things to change, to be different…to be better. As followers

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View Master

1/21/17 – 2/25/17 People see the world differently…that’s just how it is.  We have different views and we think our view is the right one.

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2016 Year in Review

1/7/17 2016 was our Year of Living by Design. We spent the year talking about how we can live our lives on purpose according to

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12.24.16 It is so easy to lose the meaning of Christmas. We tend to get lost in the wrong kind of presents, or should we

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Fork in the Road

Every day we make choices. Those choices determine who we are and where we end up. When we come to that fork in the road

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Twilight Zone

10.01.16 – 11.05.16 When people look at the church they often don’t see what we see. To the world…to the unchurched…we can look like an episode

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Be Happy

08.07.16 – 09.03.16 When we look around us, it’s easy to be negative. Seeing all the bad stuff is pretty easy to do.  Staying positive is

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Most Wanted

07.09.16 – 07.30.16 As a Christian, we should know why Jesus died for us…but do we ever wonder why He lived as one of us?  We

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06.18.16 – 07.02.16 We spend a lot of time, money and effort to make ourselves better. We are all about self improvement, but there is more

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04.30.16 – 06.04.16 Let’s face it…there’s something wrong with us.  No matter how hard we try, we still manage to mess it up one more time. 

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I Have Decided

04.02.16 – 04.23.16 Our world can be confusing and overwhelming. Politics is out of control. Wars and terror attacks seem to be the new normal. Our emotions

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03.26.16 Believe it or not…we are separated from God by sin. Yep…I said sin. Unless we can be rescued from our sin we can never be

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02.20.16 – 03.12.16 So many of us are just too busy. When life gets hectic, instead of slowing down, we speed up. More work, more obligations, more

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What is Love

02.13.16 It’s all about love. Everybody needs love, but most people don’t really understand some of the basics. In this sermon we talk about the “5

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01.23.16 – 02.06.16 Ever felt like you couldn’t make a difference; that your life wasn’t important and what you had to say didn’t matter? Well that’s

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One Thing

01.02.16 When we’re setting goals for the New Year, it’s tempting to tackle everything we want to change about our lives. But how often does that

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2015 Year End Review

12.26.15 2015 Was themed as “The Year of Living Wisely”. Everything we talked about on Saturday Nights was designed to grow our wisdom as Christians and

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Thrill of Hope

11.28.15 – 12-19-15 Do you remember the anticipation you felt leading up to Christmas? The first Christmas felt like that. Generations of men and women had

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Freak Show

10.10.15 -10.31.15 The term “Christian” is thrown around alot and means different things to different people. Good. Bad. Attractive. Repulsive. Why is it that so

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08.15.15 – 10.03.15 We are a free people… free to do whatever we want, whenever we want, with whoever we want… that’s our right! What happens

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07.11.15 – 08.15.15 A lot of Christians view Christianity as a list of things you can’t do, and a lot of Christians present it that way.

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Take 2

05.30.15 – 07.04.15 A lot of us don’t like to follow directions. We get things wrong because we do things the way we want and

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04.18.15 – 05.09.15 We often say things to encourage each other or make us feel better about things that happen in our lives. We use

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I Am

02.14.15 – 04.04.15 Who is Jesus? He told us who He is. If you are weak, He is the Shepherd. If you are in darkness, He

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01.10.15 – 02.07.15 As you scroll through your day, does it feel like everyone else has it all together?  Someone always has the best job,

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The Year of Living Dangerously

12.27.14 In the past year we challenged ourselves to be bold, be better and do more than we thought we could. Pushing ourselves to trust

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12.06.14 – 12.20.14 It’s so easy to lose the meaning of Christmas. We tend to get lost in our presents and not in His Presence.

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11.08.14 – 11.29.14 “Why am I here?”  “What is my purpose?”  Questions asked and never answered.  We were created to play a strategic role in

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Surviving Zombieland

10.04.14 – 11.01.14 Everybody wants a piece of you…you never stop moving… you’re exhausted all the time and you never seem to make any progress…it’s

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